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Webby really is “as nice as he says he is.” This is by far my favorite Webby song. You can always depend on Christian to come up with some insane metaphors, but going over Mt. Eden’s Sierra Leone dubstep puts this song over the top. This track comes off Webby’s fourth mixtape, The Underclassmen, which is nice from the first track to the last. If you are a fan of this dubstep, check out XV’s 30,000 Feet Up in the Sky, which isn’t as good as Webby’s version but is still worth a listen.


For the second weekly Weekend Wrewind, I am going to spotlight another uber emotional rapper, OnCue. Cuey’s producer, CJ Luzi, did an excellent job of sampling Eisley’s Ambulance on this track. Once again, OnCue comes through with thoughtful and heartfelt lyrics, and the video seems to really capture the dark tone of the song. Look out for OnCue’s next mixtape, Can’t Wait, which should be released sometime in the next couple of months.

Welcome to Weekend Wrewind, where every weekend I will post my favorite songs from the past couple years. In honor of his recently signing with Bad Boy Records, I am going to share one of my favorite Machine Gun Kelly songs with you guys. The Return is the last track on Lace Up, MGK’s most recent and most successful mixtape. What really sets Machine Gun Kelly apart from many other rappers is the raw emotion behind his songs, and this song is no exception. MGK has promised “no pushbacks” (you listening Weezy?) on his debut album, also named Lace Up, which will come out sometime in the first quarter of 2012. Be sure to check out Lace Up as well as his other mixtape, 100 Words and Running, and remember to Lace Up!